Adobe after OS X Catalina..

It might be me, but Adobe really has designers, editors, in general: content creators in their grip. I’ve bought the CS6 suite a long time ago (cheap btw.), but now with the latest OS X release, Catalina, I cannot continue using my Photoshop or InDesign. InDesign btw. does most that Illustrator also does.

Now with the coming of Catalina, I cannot continue to use these. Upgrading this old software is outside of my budget (perhaps I should increase my tariff?), so either it is virtualisation time, or I need to go to an alternative.

I’ve been looking around for free alternatives and although most think that it is easy: there is Gimp, Krita, but they all do not meet my requirements.

  • .psd/.indd compatible
  • CMYK compatible (export for press)
  • Not online (need to be able to edit without internet connection)