Adobe after OS X Catalina..

It might be me, but Adobe really has designers, editors, in general: content creators in their grip. I’ve bought the CS6 suite a long time ago (cheap btw.), but now with the latest OS X release, Catalina, I cannot continue using my Photoshop or InDesign. InDesign btw. does most that Illustrator also does.

Now with the coming of Catalina, I cannot continue to use these. Upgrading this old software is outside of my budget (perhaps I should increase my tariff?), so either it is virtualisation time, or I need to go to an alternative.

I’ve been looking around for free alternatives and although most think that it is easy: there is Gimp, Krita, but they all do not meet my requirements.

  • .psd/.indd compatible
  • CMYK compatible (export for press)
  • Not online (need to be able to edit without internet connection)

USC Fysiotherapie

USC Fysiotherapie heeft contact gezocht om hun SEO te verbeteren. Bij de initiele analyse werd het snel duidelijk dat er meer aan de hand was.
In 2015 is hun CMS platvorm WordPress met bijbehorende implementator, gewijzigd naar een ander systeem: Webflow. Deze dienstverlener biedt alles in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor aan, met een simpele interface voor editors.

Momenteel ben ik bezig met een analyse van hun website vanuit zowel technisch als contextueel perspectief.

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Akamai SAAS

SAAS means “software as a service”. Several CDN (Content Delivery Network) buyers are left alone after the initial sale and setup for their environment. Simple management operations like changes, additions and removals, must be requested via the CDN providers support package. In all cases this package is overly expensive if you take into account the duration for these simple tasks.

Ik-Jij-Zij starts with Akamai © CDN as a service to provide you the quick an inexpensive means for these management operations. Of course also the more complex situations can be handled from proces integration to project support.

You can read more about Akamai as a service here, and if you find this interesting in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ciao, Werner.

See the below image on how Akamai CDN Services are identified by Ik-Jij-Zij.

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Cafetaria Administratie Kantoor & DIGI-DESK

Ik-Jij-Zij encourages new innovations and initiatives. One innovation in which we participate and support the marketing is cafetaria administratiekantoor. A better method for cost savings in the horeca accounting whereby you yourself can prepare most of the work in a set of easy steps, and with the help of DIGI-DESK, even without any errors.

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