Website performance & security


Ik-Jij-Zij has skillful knowledge on website performance and security for all companies, small or large.

For the whole CDC (Content Delivery Chain) there are performance increases to accomplish as well as additional security options to put into place. Be it either the code/content, the application, local network infrastructure, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or the local browser, with all of these Ik-Jij-Zij can make an analysis for performance and security and consult in their improvements.

Ik-Jij-Zij has vast experience with the Akamai CDN © and their security platform: Kona ©. We can use both open source tools ( as well as professional applications like Keynote, Google or Netscout. Ik-Jij-Zij is very familiar with the principles of the famous performance guru Steve Souders.

Ik-Jij-Zij can help with firewall (iptables/ ufw and other) and traffic manager implementations (Riverbed Stingray), SSL certificate rollouts as well as some more basic security guidelines.

In all: Ik-Jij-Zij can help you with your website performance and security. So if you need help, contact me.

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