Akamai © (CDN) as a service

AkamaiIf you have looked at the individual solutions for increasing your website performance and come to the conclusion that a Content Delivery Network will be a means, the next step is to choose your vendor. There are huge differences.

> Cedexis < gives the most information in this comparison, but of course there is a price attached to each one. Many believe the current world leader in CDN’s is Akamai, as do I, which has a rich and broad list of functionalities. It does performance improvement, specific internet or intranet accelerations, or even real time security monitoring and white/blacklisting, authentication, reporting, etc.

Akamai has several packages for support, advice/consultancy and has its excellent University where you can learn all that is required to become a knowledgeable specialist. Again, there is a mature price attached to these complete and well thought services.

Rather than paying an expensive temporary Akamai consultant for the continues normal operations (changes, additions, etc.) whereby an internal resource is always needed to document and monitor your best interests, Ik-Jij-Zij offers this as a service. Whether these are ad-hoc changes, or planned project support changes, even the initial setup, Ik-Jij-Zij can make these in collaboration with Akamai and yourself. Of course if needed, Ik-Jij-Zij can also aid in the contractual discussion with Akamai, so that you only pay for what you need.

Interested in saving valuable time and money and procure Akamai as a service?, then please contact me.

See the below image on how Akamai CDN Services are identified by Ik-Jij-Zij.

Akamai SAAS