Amgate B.V.Amgate BV contacted me to help them with their content management support for a client, Novo Nordisk. I’ve made myself familiar and resolved all open issues within a couple of days. I also provided a perspective on their clients current website setup & the use of their TeamSite system. Amgate introduced me to PimCore, and award winning open CMS.
Ik-Jij-Zij is always here to help. A close relation created a new initiative, a whole in the dutch market: a Teamcoach. Ik-Jij-Zij created a corporate identity for this resulting in several assignments. The website design and implementation but also business cards, banners, brochures and the likes were designed and implemented. A successful platform for media and less so for the coaching forum, the Teamcoach is one of the first to have implemented the TGI and Belbin test online!, see for yourself! Ik-Jij-Zij has worked on numerous occasions with Philips. Most engagements involve Content and Document management knowledge. However for the last engagement Ik-Jij-Zij has embraced a new field: web performance management. Different departments from Philips have used Ik-Jij-Zij to support, develop, train or simply help them out. Philips Lighting engagements reach as far back as 2005, where as Philips Medical, Global/Corporate and IT Applications are quite recent.
Reflex-BMCReflex-BMC is one of the best Dutch Krav Maga gyms. To expand on their courses they’ve asked me to create a simpler site (in respect to their current one), based on an existing design for women’s self defense classes. Water and IT never mix really well, but this naval customer and Ik-JIj-Zij created a great combination website design and implementation. Working on the design of several of their sites: the old,, and most popular by demand: