Akamai SAAS

SAAS means “software as a service”. Several CDN (Content Delivery Network) buyers are left alone after the initial sale and setup for their environment. Simple management operations like changes, additions and removals, must be requested via the CDN providers support package. In all cases this package is overly expensive if you take into account the duration for these simple tasks.

Ik-Jij-Zij starts with Akamai © CDN as a service to provide you the quick an inexpensive means for these management operations. Of course also the more complex situations can be handled from proces integration to project support.

You can read more about Akamai as a service here, and if you find this interesting in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ciao, Werner.

See the below image on how Akamai CDN Services are identified by Ik-Jij-Zij.

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